Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator
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  • Air ProIntelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator

Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator

From the traditional point of view, Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator have been considered to belong to two completely different fields of automation products.

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Product Description

Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator


Traditional equipment Distinction


From the traditional point of view, Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator have been considered to belong to two completely different fields of automation products, with the increasing degree of electrification, electric actuators are slowly dipping into the field of pneumatics, the two in the application of both competition and complement each other. In this column, we will compare the advantages of cylinder and electric actuator from several aspects such as technical performance, purchase and application cost, energy efficiency, application occasions and market situation


Comparison of technical performance


As we all know, compared to electric actuators, cylinders can work reliably under harsh conditions and are simple to operate and basically maintenance-free. The cylinder is good at reciprocating linear motion, especially suitable for the most transfer requirements in industrial automation - the linear handling of workpieces. Moreover, simply adjusting the one-way throttle valve installed on both sides of the cylinder can simply achieve stable speed control, also become the biggest feature and advantage of the cylinder drive system. So for no multi-point positioning requirements of the user, the vast majority from the use of convenience point of view more inclined to use the cylinder industrial site using electric actuator applications are mostly required for high-precision multi-point positioning, which is difficult to achieve with the cylinder, the second best result.The electric actuator is mainly used for rotating and oscillating conditions. Its advantage is that the response time is fast and the speed, position and torque are precisely controlled through the feedback system. However, when linear motion is required, it needs to be transformed by mechanical devices such as toothed belt or screw, so the structure is relatively complex and requires high professional knowledge of the working environment and operation and maintenance personnel.


AC110V 220V DC24V intelligent remote control multi-turn small electric actuator for ball valve

TM3 Mini actuator functions and features:

1,strong function: switch type, intelligent type, proportion type, all kinds of signal output type.

2,Small size: volume only equivalent to about 35% of similar products.

3, light and pleasant: the weight is only equivalent to about 30% of similar products.

4, reliable performance: bearing and electrical components and other key parts of the Japanese brand products.

5, beautiful and generous: aluminum alloy die-casting shell, fine and smooth and can reduce electromagnetic interference

6, precision wear: turbine output shaft special copper alloy forging, high strength, good wear resistance.

7, safety assurance: through THE AC1500V voltage test,F class insulation motor, safety is guaranteed.

8, simple supporting: using single-phase power supply, external circuit is simple, can also do 380V, DC power supply, etc.

9, easy to use: no refueling, waterproof and rust prevention, arbitrary Angle installation.

10, protection device: double limit, overheating protection, overload protection.

11, a variety of speed: full travel time 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds, 240 seconds

12, corrosion and rust prevention: support, coupling, screws are made of stainless steel.

13, Intelligent numerical control: digital setting, digital setting, highly accurate, self-diagnosis, one machine multi-function.

14, integrated: intelligent control module is highly integrated in the body of the electric device, without external positioner.

15, remote control: the use of more advanced intelligent control module, can achieve field control and remote control.






The output torque


The action time


Rotation Angle

0-90 °

Working current

0.25 A

Starting current

0.25 A

The motor power


The weight

1. 2KG

The power supply

AC110V AC220V AC380V DC24V DC12V AC24V

Insulation resistance


Stress levels

1500 ac 1 min

Protection grade

I р 65

The environment temperature

- 30℃~ + 60℃


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